Premiere for my music video!

Britney Spears


OUCH (Full version) written by Michelle Bell, Britney Spears, ShawnDark

rumour-deactivated20121224 asked: so i see you know michelle personally, do you know if shes open to talking more about original doll? or did britneys team forbid her?

Unfortunately, we’re not allowed to talk about it :(

rumour-deactivated20121224 asked: omg hi i just wanted to say that ouch is amazing and did britney write the song or was it you all alone?

It was me, Michelle and Britney ;)

mountbored asked: Hi there, thanks for the full version, I LOVE it. But would you mind uploading the audio on tumblr? I want to reblog it as an audio post and that way you'd be the source :) Thanks that'd be great :)

I’ll see what I can do. Thanks for reaching out!

brightestmorningstar asked: Thank you so much for giving us all these snippets, I know for sure that the full is amazing. What do you know about Original Doll?

I don’t know much about it. You should ask Michelle Bell, I’m sure she has a few things to say ;)

lanadelcrayyyy asked: Hi ShawnD! I was wondering if there are any other Britney songs/projects that you worked on. Would you be willing to share them with us? Much love and thanks for 'Ouch' :) --Brandon

No I only worked on Ouch and ML&H. Thank you!

brightestmorningstar asked: I am so greatful! Thank you so much for leaking this masterpiece! *Heartbubbles*

Thank you!

funnyfunkyfuckme asked: Hi, I'm Bryce, I'm not a "Britney fan", but I do love music and appreciate the work that you have done with her. What is the song that you have done are you the most proud of?

Thank you Bryce! There’s one song called 8track, that I like a lot but hasn’t been released yet.

Hey everyone, here’s the full version. Enjoy! ;)